Savvy Caregiver Workshop (Feb-Mar 2019)

February 8, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 11:30 am
SeniorCare Inc.
49 Blackburn Center
Gloucester MA
Beverly Flanagan

Savvy Caregiver Program bannerThe SAVVY CAREGIVER Program is a FREE six-session training for family & friends who are active caregivers, caring for those living with Alzheimer’s or related dementia. Space is limited. Please contact Beverly Flanagan, Healthy Living Program Coordinator, at 978-281-1750 X569 to register.

The Savvy Caregiver program is a 6 week training program for caregivers who care for someone with Alzheimer’s or Related Dementias. The program is based on the notion that family members who become caregivers need to be trained to assume a new role- caregiving- for which they are unprepared and untrained. Throughout the program- and laced through the various program materials such as the Caregiver’s Manual- the central concept that is emphasized is the notion of strategy. Caregivers will be urged to learn, develop and modify their strategies so they can accomplish their role of caregiving- which includes the contented involvement of the person they care for. The program builds information and knowledge about the illness, developing skills to manage daily life, and fosters a different attitude towards caregiving. The program is geared to informal caregivers of those either living at home or planning to return home, and in a moderate stage of illness.