Thanking Our Volunteers!

Apr 20, 2021

As a part of National Volunteer Appreciation Month, SeniorCare and RSVP Volunteers of the North Shore wanted to send our volunteers a special thank you. Typically, we have an annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, where our 400+ volunteers are invited to a celebration of their impact on our communities. However, in 2020 and 2021, the luncheon had to be cancelled.

As an alternative, a special mailing was sent to each volunteer– including a special booklet acknowledging the important role volunteers have played in the past year and two small thank you gifts.

cover art for volunteer appreciation booklet

Thank you to all of our volunteers! You make the world a better place with your efforts!

RSVP Volunteers of the North Shore is an AmeriCorps grantee and receives funds through their RSVP program.