Board of Directors & Advisory Council

Board of Directors

Thomas E. Sullivan, MD, President, Beverly
Bruce Billingham, MBA, Vice President, Beverly
Carol Grimes, Treasurer, Ipswich
Ilia Stacy, MEd, Clerk, Ipswich
William F. Bowler, Esq, Hamilton
Vionette Chipperini, Gloucester
Kristin Chouinard, Beverly
Shirley Conway, RN, MBA, MSN, Rockport
Maureen Dwinell, MA/SLP, Rockport
Laurel A. Eisenhauer, RN, PhD, Advisor
Susan Good, Essex
Vito LaMura, At Large
Mary E. MacDonald, MA, Topsfield
Jane Metrano, RN, Manchester
Rosalie Nicastro, At Large
George Nickless, At Large
Carmelina Procaccini, MEd, BCC, Gloucester
Timothy Reilly, At Large
Nazir Shamsuddin, At Large
Thomas Tanous, MEd, Wenham


Advisory Council

Beverly Dolinsky, PhD, Chair, Essex
Vito LaMura, Vice Chair, Gloucester
Reverend Susan Moran, Secretary, Rockport
Patricia Ambrose, Manchester
Kathleen Barbarisi, Topsfield
Molly Derr, CADC, Rockport