Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal #1

SeniorCare Inc. will continue to be a highly visible, well-respected agency that attracts increased numbers of consumers and higher levels of contributions to support the mission.

Goal #2

SeniorCare Inc. will provide cost effective and efficient services: effectively assist all individuals with health and functional challenges and meet the needs of consumers and the diversity within the communities it serves with dignity and respect.

Goal #3

SeniorCare Inc., in recognizing the value of our staff (to achieve our mission), will retain and continue to develop a highly qualified and motivated workforce to support the mission, increasing staff knowledge through both internal and external training means.

Goal #4

SeniorCare Inc. will maintain financial security through sound fiscal management, including the continuation of cost savings, efficiencies, and development.

Goal #5

SeniorCare Inc. will monitor emerging local, regional and national concerns that may impact the health and safety of its consumers and staff and engage in active collaborative amelioration.

Goal #6

SeniorCare Inc. will continue to develop and explore the use of innovative technology, best practices and sustainable programs that support our mission.