Community Transition Liaison Program

Community Transition Liaison Program (CTLP)

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Helping nursing facility residents and their families overcome barriers to discharge. 

About the Community Transition Liaison Program (CTLP) 

The CTLP team can help with discharge plans, connect residents to state programs and local community support, as we work with the resident advocate to resolve any concerns related to transitioning into the community.

Being discharged and returning home or to a new location can be a complex process with sometimes confusing barriers, such as the availability of housing, access to appropriate levels of care in a new environment, required documentation, and other factors.

CTLP staff are available to guide the individual and family through this complicated process. Everyone’s situation is unique and is approached by CTLP staff in individualized ways.

Eligibility and Cost

CTLP services are available for free to all nursing facility residents who are 22 years old or older, regardless of insurance status.

Our program is open to those living in a nursing facility in any of the towns that SeniorCare serves whether their stay has been short- or long-term, or are looking to relocate from a nursing facility to a community in SeniorCare’s catchment area.


To learn more about how to enroll in SeniorCare’s Community Transition Liaison Program (CTLP), contact our Community Transition Liaison at 978-281-1750.