Caregiver Support

Family Caregiver Support

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You care for an adult aged 60 or over
You care for an adult of any age with Alzheimer’s
You are 55 or older and caring for a grandchild or young relative under the age of 18, or a disabled person between 18-59.

We provide:

  • Access assistance to caregivers to facilitate obtaining services and resources available within their communities
  • Counseling for caregivers to assist them in making decisions, assessing the merits of various options, and solving problems related to their caregiver roles
  • Support groups with a focus on peer support, education and training to reduce stress and develop coping skills
    In order to accommodate the needs of our caregivers, SeniorCare offers both in-person and virtual (zoom) Caregiver Support Groups. Call our Caregiver Support Specialist at 978-281-1750 for information on how to participate in a group. 
  • Provide community presentations on relevant caregiver issues (for example caring for an Alzheimer’s loved one)
  • Workshops to provide caregivers with knowledge and tools for caring for their loved one.

There are no income eligibility requirements to participate in the Family Caregiver Support program.