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Say “Hello” to Better Care

The tablet (avatar) makes it possible for families to cost-effectively ensure that they are providing their loved ones with the highest quality care while allowing them to stay home longer and more safely.

“Without you, my dad would definitely be in a nursing home…
you have allowed me to keep him safer and happier than he would be anywhere else.
You, along with his daycare, are absolutely amazing!”
—Family Member

Benefits Include

  • 24×7 Caregiver Support
    Proactive safety and health monitoring
    Remembrance-based conversation
  • Socialization and Entertainment
    Information, news, music, games, and more
    Electronic picture frame to view personal photos and see family updates
  • Daily Care Plan Management
    Customized daily care plans
    Scheduled reminders and reinforcement of care plan goals
    Daily Care reporting
  • Family Portal
    Live updates about care plan activities
    Daily updates about your loved one
    Direct communication with team of 24×7 caregivers

Call SeniorCare’s Information & Referral Dept at 978-281-1750 to learn more about this innovative individual and family support technology.