Dr. Kathleen Van Demark Memorial Fund

Kate Van Demark
Dr. Kathleen “Kate” Van Demark

Dr. Kathleen Van Demark Memorial Fund

SeniorCare Board of Directors member Dr. Kathleen “Kate” Van Demark passed away in April, 2023. Kate was a passionate supporter of vulnerable elders and adults with disabilities and the people who care for them.

In recognition and appreciation of Kate’s passion for her work on behalf of the older community, the SeniorCare Board of Directors established the Dr. Kathleen Van Demark Memorial Fund, supporting underfunded programs, which provide assistance to elders. These services include, but are not limited to, caregiver support, medical transportation, pet services, and money management.

Providing support to elders so that they remain independent and are able to live in the home of their choice was a tenet that Kate took seriously.

Will you honor Kate’s memory with a gift to support SeniorCare’s unfunded or underfunded programs for our elder friends and family?