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Month: August 2019


Aug 30, 2019 A stroke can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age. A fetus can experience a stroke. However, three quarters of all strokes happen in people age 65 and over. More than 130,000 people die each year due to stroke, making it the fifth leading cause of death and a leading…
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Chronic Illness

Aug 23, 2019 People are living longer than any other time in history. Once you make it to age 65, data suggests you can expect to live another 19 years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 41% of people over 65 say their health is very good or excellent. Aging has…
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Aug 16, 2019 About 20 years ago, I had one of the best bosses that I’ve had in my entire working career.  Ross had a way of working with people that was amazing.  Whenever I interacted with him, I walked away feeling great about working for him.  More important, I felt great about myself.  This…
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Aug 2, 2019 My Father in Law was a really lovely man.  Actually, both my Mother in Law and Father in Law were wonderful, but I’m going to talk about Jimmy today. Jimmy loved his children with his entire being.  When the Grandbabies arrived, he could not do enough to make them happy.  If some…
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