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Category: Safety

Pets & the Holidays

Dec 13, 2019 This weekend, my cats are getting a new toy. We are putting up the Christmas tree, and they think it’s their personal playground.  We put the tree in a corner, tie it securely and hope for the best.  The holidays can be hazardous and/or stressful to our pets.  If we’re not thoughtful,…
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Staying Warm & Safe

Dec 6, 2019 With the drop in temperatures, I find myself using a space heater in the evenings.  I don’t need to keep my entire home toasty, but I do like to have my living room or office comfortably warm while I’m using the room.  So, a space heater makes sense for me. Safety is…
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Avoid Winter Falls

Nov 29, 2019 Last weekend, I saw ice on the ground for the first time this year.  It was a small patch, but I’m glad I saw it before I stepped on it.  With the early arrival of winter, visits to hospital emergency rooms due to falls will increase in the coming weeks. According to…
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Hot Weather Safety

Jul 19, 2019 It feels like we’ve arrived at the “dog days of summer” as my Grandmother used to say.  This weekend, we are looking at forecast highs in the nineties and lows in the eighties! Did you know that people aged 65 and older are more prone to heat injuries than younger adults?  According…
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Fire Safety

Jul 12, 2019 It seems like there have been a larger number of house fires than usual.  Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems that every time I watch the news, there is another story of a family or families becoming homeless because of a fire. Statistically, seniors are more likely to die in a…
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Mar 8, 2019 A few years ago, I was wearing a pair of jeans that were too long.  I rolled up the cuffs and was heading down the stairs in my home when my toe caught the rolled up cuff.  I fell head first down the stairs and bashed into the wall below.  Thankfully, I…
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Winter Weather Hazards

Jan 25, 2019 This past week, we’ve been reminded just how “special” a New England winter can be.  I’m so thankful that Gloucester did not receive the 12 to 18 inches of snow, followed by freezing rain that I saw forecast a couple days before the storm.  Can you imagine the mess we would have…
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