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Message from the CEO

Apr 3, 2020

Dear Community Partners,
For our weekly check in, we wanted to update you in the fourth week on the activities at SeniorCare. Our activities and services remain consistent as identified over the past two weeks.

From MA Health

Members – You will not lose your MassHealth coverage during the COVID-19 national emergency

If you have received a notice in the mail that your coverage is ending on or after March 18, your coverage is protected and will not end during the national emergency. You do not need to send in any additional paperwork to keep your coverage. Source: Mass.gov

Document: MassHealth Provider Resource: Telephone and Internet Connectivity for Telehealth (Updated as of April 2, 2020)

SeniorCare Caregiver Support Staff

Our staff are working on an online platform in order to continue to offer caregiver support groups. We typically have 2-3 groups running at a given time. In the interim, caregiver support is being conducted telephonically.


There may be changes in our delivery schedule. For example, delivering four days instead of five and providing the extra meal(s) for the non delivery day. We continue to send our meals on wheels recipients Robocall messages whenever there are changes in the schedule.

The Executive Office of Elder Affairs (EOEA) Nutrition Director is planning at some point to distribute a reserve of emergency frozen meals and shelf stable meals above and beyond what we are currently providing. More to come on this.


This continues to be a problem in terms of availability, particularly for our provider network of Homemakers, Personal Care Workers, Home Health Aides and others who go into homes. We were able to get some masks, albeit not enough, and are offering some of them up to our providers who are struggling with this need.

Councils On Aging (COA’s)

We will continue to have our weekly Friday calls with our COA partners with as needed emails between meetings.

Home Care Department

No changes, see prior weekly emails.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact SeniorCare at 978-281-1750. For any elders or caregivers who need assistance or services, please have them contact the office.

Be safe and thank you for all you do.

Scott Trenti
CEO, SeniorCare Inc.