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SeniorCare Home Delivered Meals Coronavirus Response

Apr 1, 2020

This message was printed on the back of menus delivered to all Meals on Wheels recipients on April 1.

SeniorCare is committed to the best possible meal service during these uncertain times. Please read the information below for news and updates.  

Meal Deliveries

We are currently continuing with regular deliveries.   The number of delivery days may change but you will receive the same number of meals (or more).

To protect the health of you and our drivers we are using a “smile and wave” non-contact meal delivery system. 

  • Your meal is delivered in a bag on your doorknob.   If you want your meal to be left on a table or other location outside our door please call the Nutrition Department at 978-865-3564. 
  • Please watch for your driver.   They will knock/ring doorbell, then move away from the door and wait for you to get your meal or make eye contact (wave!) to let them know you are okay.
  • If you need a different system, please call SeniorCare at 978-865-3564. 

We have some turnover in drivers.  Please be patient as we all get used to new systems.

Robo Calls/Automatic Phone Calls

We have made two automatic phone calls to you (Meals on Wheels recipients).  If you didn’t get these calls, please call SeniorCare.  We will be sending more messages with important information.  Please listen to the full message. You do not need to call us back unless asked to in the message.    

Additional Meals

You have received extra frozen and shelf stable meals.  Please save these to use if we cannot deliver. 

We encourage you to keep a supply of easily prepared meals in your homes.  If you are on a special diet and need advice on foods to keep on hand, please call SeniorCare and ask to speak to the dietitian.  Leave a message and she will return your call.

Food Safety

Please wash your hands before you remove the film from your meal, then wash or sanitize your hands again before you eat your meal.

If you or a household member are experiencing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus (dry cough, fever, loss of taste and smell) please call your primary care provider immediately and suspend your meals.   Use the backup meals we have sent you.  Contact SeniorCare to discuss future deliveries.

Please call us at 978-281-1750 if you need additional food or have meal service deliveries. 


A very special thanks to our amazing team of Meals on Wheels drivers and Site Managers!
We could not do this without you!