SeniorCare Nutrition Dept Update

July 1, 2020 (The following message was sent to all of SeniorCare’s Meals on Wheels home-delivered meals recipients)

Happy July! We hope you are doing well, we all miss you!

Please read the following information for important updates.

You should have received extra frozen meals to keep in your freezer in case there is a situation where we cannot deliver for a couple of days. Please check your freezer.  If you need meals, call us and we will be sure to deliver some to you.

Our best way to quickly communicate with you regarding any unexpected changes in our schedule is through our automated telephone calls.  We are planning our next call for Thursday, July 9, at around 9:30 a.m.  Please be on the lookout for our call and contact us if you did not receive one.

Please remember: if there is anything SeniorCare can do for you to make these trying times easier, please call your care manager

Your safety is important to us!

To protect the health of you and our drivers we are continuing a “smile and wave” non-contact meal delivery system. 

  • Your meal is delivered in a bag on your doorknob.   If you want your meal to be left on a table or other location outside our door please call the Nutrition Department.
  • Please watch for your driver.   They will knock/ring doorbell, then move away from the door and wait for you to get your meal or make eye contact (wave!) to let them know you are okay.
  • Please retrieve your meal immediately.
  • Hot meal: eat when it arrives, or put in refrigerator to heat later in the day.
  • Cold meal: put in refrigerator immediately
  • Frozen meal: put in freezer immediately, heat when ready to eat it.

All our best to you and stay well!

If you do not have any extra frozen meals in your freezer, do not receive an automated call on July 9, or need a different delivery system, please call the Nutrition Department978-281-1750 or 866-927-1050