Mar 1, 2019

March 1 is the first day of meteorological spring, which is based on annual temperature cycles and the Gregorian calendar.  March 21 is the “official” first day of spring.  But, when it gets to the end of winter, I like to consider March 1 as spring. 

I love the spring!  March and April usually give us a few lovely days to tease us with the wonders yet to come in the summer.  The weather might not be perfect, but it’s usually nice enough to take down some of the weather proofing and open a window for a little while and let in some fresh air.  There will be a nice afternoon that’s warm enough to enjoy a walk along the Boulevard without layers of heavy clothing protecting us from the wind off the water.  We’ll start to see crocus and daffodil popping up. 

Many of our senior friends aren’t able to get out much in the winter.  It might be because of health issues and the cold.  Or, it might be because of icy conditions and fear of falling.  The arrival of spring allows their world to reopen beyond the confines of what might seem like a shrinking house or apartment.  If you find yourself going out to enjoy an unusually warm, spring-like afternoon, consider calling a senior friend or family member and asking them to join you.

There are many ways a senior can enjoy early spring.  If they are able to walk any distance, a walk along the boulevard, in Stage Fort Park, or on one of our beautiful beaches might be just what they need.  Make sure to bring along a coat, hat and gloves—just in case it’s not as warm as you thought it would be.  And, don’t forget the sun screen!  The sun might not be strong like in July, but it will still burn.

Take a stroll along Rocky Neck or Bear Skin Neck and visit the galleries.  Our artists are fabulous.  Spring is a great time to appreciate the art without the difficulties of summer time traffic and parking.

A drive around the Cape is a great way to enjoy the spring.  Driving through Nugent Stretch—looking for the pale green of early spring leaves—or around the Bass Rocks area is wonderful.  Stopping for an ice cream cone or a cup of coffee at your favorite café makes a drive even better.

Gardening may be one of the best spring activities.  If you don’t have a yard in which to dig, contact one of the local gardening groups—Generous Gardeners and Backyard Growers need volunteers to continue the wonderful work they do for Gloucester and Cape Ann. 

If you are one of the many people who have to be careful to avoid spring allergens, there are still fun ways to celebrate the return of warmth.

Many of our local schools offer a spring theater production.  The younger students’ shows are fun and charming.  The older students’ put on a great show.  It’s amazing to see what they accomplish.  Admission to school shows is usually inexpensive and worth every penny.

In early May, the annual Mad Hot Ball will be held at the Field House at Gloucester High School.  All of the fifth grade students in the City have been learning ballroom dance throughout the school year.  The Mad Hot Ball is their chance to show the world what they have learned.  Tickets are inexpensive and guarantee a fun Sunday afternoon for everyone.

March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.  Let’s all get out and enjoy the spring!