A Message of Solidarity

Jun 9, 2020

Dear Friends:

The past several months and, in particular, the past weeks have been extraordinarily painful. Anger, frustration, fear, and more have gripped our nation and exposed painful truths.

SeniorCare recognizes that there is institutional inequality in our society. This inequality impacts the older adults we serve, our volunteers, our staff and our community, whether as a direct result of inequities personally experienced or as outrage on behalf of those we see treated unfairly.

SeniorCare applauds the efforts we have seen in recent weeks from our local leaders and peaceful protest groups, as they strive to find answers to these century old problems. While these past weeks have been hard we are also emerging with hope that significant and lasting change may occur. We welcome the opportunity to be part of this effort to address systemic racism and build better communities for all.

SeniorCare is an organization dedicated to serving the North Shore. As such, we strive for greater inclusivity and do not accept intolerance or racism of any kind. We will continue to explore ways in which we can adapt our programs and address social inequalities, we will be advocates to address inequality and injustice, and we will take steps to teach ourselves about unconscious bias.

Scott Trenti
Chief Executive Officer
SeniorCare Inc.